I’ve been missing

Hello loves!
I realize it has been months since I’ve posted. I’m sorry.
Blogging is something I love to do but it is also something that quickly slips away from me.
I will make more of an effort!
I have some amazing recipes to share with you guys, you will see the first one coming up this week!

Sending my love!


Arbonne the perfect Christmas present

Hello friends! Happy weekend! 🙂

Christmas is just around the corner from us. And if you are anything like me, staying away from the malls is a top priority. They can be very very busy, and then stress leads to less meaningful presents.

So I come to you with the wonderful gift of Arbonne. 

Arbonne is hands down the best product I have used on my skin. A lot of people on my shopping list are getting Arbonne for Christmas.

I truly believe if you love a product, you should share it with the world. I want everyone in my life to at least try Arbonne. 

Here are a few products that I love from Arbonne and are always in stock in at my house

Imageholiday gift sets! I ordered some 🙂

Imagecalm serum. 80% food grade products, and so good when your skin is dry.

Image fc5 ! I always have this. Everyone who compliments my skin… you can thank this set for it.

Image make up primer! If you can imagine putting silk on your skin, this is what this product feels like. 

Imagetinted moisturizer! so amazing, does not feel like you are wearing any make up at all! 


Those are just a few! I highly recommend! 


Why I post half naked pictures of myself on the internet

Hi friends!!

Happy weekend! It is an exciting weekend over here, for me. It is my best friends bachlorette party tonight! Calgary look out!

Imagethe beautiful bride and I!

Anywho, the point of my post this morning, is a combination of explaining myself, if you are wondering, and revealing a piece of my past that has really helped create who I am.

If you have been following my blog for a while then you know I am on a fitness journey. I am working with taycfitness, and the workouts have been so hard and so intense, the meal plan has been so so clean and my body is changing in a way in a way I have never seen before. 

Last night I posted on my facebook, and instagram (brianneamber) my current progress, where I am in my bra and underwear. I was so impressed with my progress, I wanted to share with the world. 

Growing up I was the girl who was overweight, had no self confidence. I completely ate my feelings, I didn’t know how to express them, so instead of talking about things, I would eat, and eat and eat. 

I had a nickname of BB (big Brianne), could never catch people when playing tag, because of my weight. Growing up like this was hard. I felt like I wasn’t worthy of anything. 

When I was 16 I decided to make a change, I wanted to lose weight and see what might be different. I lost a big chunk of weight, and i grew a lot of confidence. 

Since I’ve been training with Taycfitness, I’ve gotten that confidence back. I finally feel comfortable in my body. I am proud of the progress I have made. Every time I look in the mirror and send in my weekly progress shots, I smile. 

Every time my coach sends me back saying how proud she is of my progress. It takes away a little of the hurt I have been carrying around for years for all the times I was made fun of for my weight. I don’t come home crying anymore, because of what people have said. Instead I come home and am proud to look in the mirror, proud of my body and proud to be who I am. 

So if you think I am putting up pictures for everyone’s attention, I am doing it to remind myself that I am worthy of greatness. I am worthy of feeling confident and I am worthy of being proud of my body. 

This journey isn’t for anyone else, it is for me. 


2.5 months of training!

2.5 months of training!

So my friends, whatever you decide to do, do it for you. I always attached a lot of meaning to what other people thought of me. I thought I wasn’t worthy of love, worthy of happiness. But I am worthy of those things, regardless of whatever anyone else thinks of me.
This blog is about nourishing whatever you love, but most importantly for me, it is about nourishing self love.

Happy Saturday my loves

So much on the go and why!

Hello beauties!!
Happy almost long weekend!
As you may have noticed my blogging has been lacking. Blogging is something in truly love. I love sharing all my experiences. Everything gluten free related to certain struggles in my life. This blog has been a huge source of healing for me. So why have I been lacking in writing?
Well I work full time, I’m training 6 days a week, I recently started my own Arbonne business, and I’m trying to have some social life. Now this may not seem like a lot ,but for someone who made a promise with myself to slow down and enjoy my year out of school. It doesn’t look like that from the outside. It’s the exact opposite of slowing down.
There are a few reasons I have taken on this much
1. I enjoy everything I am doing
2. I enjoy being busy. I don’t so well with not having a lot to do. Maybe I should work on that.
3. I am struggling to deal with some things in my life so part of me is just filling up my time to delay dealing with things. But I am being continually reminded that

you can’t heal, what you refuse to confront

4. I am feeling like a fish out of water without school. School was my identity for so long that I really am feeling uncomfortable without school

I am happy with my life. I just like everyone need to work on balance and always remember to put me at the top. Not everything is a priority!
I am truly grateful for all the opportunities I am blessed with in my life even if they keep me very busy.



Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Loves!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Did you spend sometime with people you love?

I sure did!

I love the idea of Thanksgiving, it is always a chance to get together with family. Eat some delicious eats, and relax a little.

I always find that Thanksgiving puts me in the right mood. It is the start of the holiday season, and it used to mean midterms were over, or almost over. This year since I am not in school I don’t have that to be thankful for. But I am Thankful for a whole lot this year.

I am going to list them in no particular order.



my new job

My health


Laughing everyday

Pushing myself outside my comfort zone 

Friends who challenge me

The people who support me 

The people who don’t support me

The fact that I have kept this blog alive for this long

Finally being comfortable with celiac. 

My higher power

My new business venture!

and so much more.

I want to take more time out of my life to appreciate the things I am thankful for. I want to let the people who I love, know I love them. I want to appreciate everything I have in my life. I don’t mean just the material things, I would be happy with no material things, because I have so much love without all the stuff, the material objects just make my life pretty. 

What are you thankful for??

Vacation and skin care!

Hello loves!!
How are you doing?!
I know I have been MIA for a while but I’ve been doing some fun fun things!!
I recently got back from San Fran with Kayla. It was my present from my parents for graduating!! We had the most amazing time! Did everything tourists do and even got tattoos!


Vacations are totally something I could get used to.

Then I decided to finally pursue a side business that I have always wanted to do. Which is be an Arbonne consultant. I have been using the skin care line for at least 6 years now. I love all the products and thought why not. I believe in the line and I can make this as fun as I want.

That was my first order of stuff! I order so much from the holiday line.
So now that I am a consultant I am able to sell and host parties. If any of you out there want to try a product or see a catalogue let me know!
I will be doing a review of all of the products, on the upcoming blog posts.


Gluten Free Fail and a Win + a few random facts about me


So I just got home from a wonderful vacation at my cabin. I enjoyed the sun, water and sleep. It is really amazing what a week away from the day-to-day can do for you. 

I was going grocery shopping and I bought a loaf of Udi’s Millet Chia bread, I’ve never bought it before but I was intrigued when it said 9 grams of protein but when I opened it up I found thisImage

The whole loaf had a hole in it! I was not impressed. So I quickly took to instagram to share my sadness with my other fellow gluten free folks. (If you wanna follow me search: brianneamber). I tagged udisgluten free in my post and I was actually contacted by them, they said this is not their standards, and are reimbursing me in some form. So good on you Udi’s, I will give you another chance. 

Then I had a team meeting at work. There were treats for everyone and one of the guys felt bad because I had nothing, so he went to some french bakery and got me a gluten free treat. I can’t remember what it is actually called, but translated into English it is called a Japanese coconut.


If all team meetings go this way. I am in trouble. It  was so delicious! Light and not too sweet. Perfect for 9 am hahah whoooppss!


Now I thought it would be fun to share some random facts about me I am more then just a girl with Celiac.

1. I think old men are the cutest people possible

2. I take waaayyy to many selfies. I don’t know why I do it, I just do. Here are two from today

Selfie as I leave my house

Selfie as I leave my house


Break from work obviously means another picture time

Break from work obviously means another picture time

3. When I was little I thought Garth Brooks would be my husband when I was older.. I love his song The thunder rolls, but when I was little I didn’t understand what the song meant.

Have you had any gluten fails or wins lately??
What are some random facts about you??

After a tough couple months I’m back

authentic selfHi Friends!!
I am sorry I have not posted in months. There is really no explanation but let me try to explain it. After I posted in the beginning of May, my whole life got very crazy and went in a downward spiral. If you are close to me you know what happened if you don’t know, basically I learned some very tough lessons about trust and people.
Anyway.. this blog is not my journal that is what a pen and paper is for. I wanted to get back into posting regularly because I truly enjoy it and I am getting back into doing what I love. Doing what I love and being more authentic leaves less room for the negativity and chaos.

I learned something very important this past couple months that has to do with nourishing your love. Make sure that if you are nourishing your love it is the right kind of love. When I started this blog and called it Nourish your love, to me that meant nourishing whatever you love, whether that be yourself, your family, friends, your body, relationships, school. Whatever you love you have to nourish it, otherwise it won’t grow and blossom. Now that sounds sappy but it is SO TRUE. I spent the last couple months nourishing a relationship that caused me a lot of hurt. I spent so much time focusing on that relationship that I stopped nourishing everything else. Especially myself. Eating became the last thing I wanted to do. Getting regular sleep and exercise were a chore even though all I wanted to do was sleep. Everything I worked so hard for with my health over the past couple years came crumbling down. Did this serve me well? No, not at all. I worked so hard to get my health in order and before I could grasp what had happened I was starting back at the beginning again.
So I am starting over again, I have a desire to eat healthy food, get regular amounts of sleep and really kill it in the gym. I am not going to beat myself up for what happened, or feel bad for the choices I made. I don’t really regret them because I was listening to my heart, and to me that is important. I learned a lot over the last little while. The most important lesson is that I will try my hardest to not let myself become undernourished. I love who I am, and what my body is capable of. It has seen some tough times but no matter what it is always there for me.

So I am happy to say I am back posting and working on getting back to my authentic self!!
Stayed tuned I have been doing lots of reviews for the gluten-free bakery near my house!!

What do you do to nourish yourself?


Celiac Awareness Month!!!

Hello Loves!!!!
How excited are you that the entire month of May is Celiac awareness month! An entire month dedicated to advocacy and raising awareness for a disease that often does not get taken seriously.  I have challenged myself to post every day for the month of May. Haha it is already May 2nd and I have posted. But here we go. 

I’ve always admired people who had something that they were so passionate about that they advocated for it even if there was no one standing with them. This is partially why I have a minor in Women studies and believe that is so important that women are equal to men. I have attended many rallies, marches and protest, in support of what I believe in. So it makes sense that an autoimmune disease that I have is something I am an advocate for, I realized after getting diagnosed that society did not really know what celiac was. This made it difficult to learn what the journey was that I was embarking on, which is the reason I started this blog. I also love all the gluten free and celiac blogs I read daily, and I want to immerse myself into the community more and help, even if it just one person. So hopefully over the next month, I will help someone, get someone thinking, and get people talking about celiac disease.Image

picture taken from google.com (how cute is it)


Is there anything specific you would like me to discuss? Or research! Don’t hesitate to let me know!